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Welcome to Taurus Birthday.
Cassandra Brant, Catalyst for Change, Astrologer at Taurus Birthday  
For more than thirty years I have worked internationally as an Astrologer offering intuitive and insightful readings. My clients come from all walks of life, some seeking help to understand and manifest their life purpose, others just trying to make sense of the “rollercoaster ride” life seems to present.

I was born with full, natural sensory perception, to English parents who were open and actively pursuing their own spiritual growth and who encouraged my curiosity and fascination with metaphysical studies and intuitive faculties.

Named for the intuitive sister of Helen of Troy. Cassandra was able to foresee the destruction of her family, home and city of Troy, yet nonetheless was doubted and disbelieved by the very people she hoped to warn and protect. Ultimately her revelations were proved valid and not just wild ravings of a lunatic after all, but she was understood too late to be of service to her people.

In later life my mother told me I “came in a loving child and always remained that way”. My own recollections are of a relatively safe, well-fed, nurtured and happy childhood, protected by two loving parents of modest means and education, but with a universal love and awareness that was extraordinary in the circumstances.

The only blip on the radar was a jealous sibling, a sister who was four years older, who had difficulty expressing affection. Naturally, as the first born and first grandchild in the family, she felt her nose was put out of joint by this Cassandra, a warm, tactile, new baby sister “intruding” on every aspect of an only child’s’ life.

I inherited my fathers’ keen interest in reading about philosophy, religion and metaphysical subjects and was fortunate to grow up surrounded by an eclectic library. On many occasions my father remarked it was “his job, as my earthly father, to provide access to as many belief systems as possible, so that I could make educated choices and formulate sound personal beliefs”. No wonder I became a Universalist.

By my late teens, hero worship of dad was well established, as was my quest for knowledge and self-development. The stage was set, it was as if all the necessary elements were placed in the “lembeck” and the alchemy was poised to begin. All that was needed was the catalyst. It came quite unexpectedly, via a whirlwind courtship and marriage within a year from of my eighteenth birthday.

The relationship was lonely and difficult with an abusive husband who had severely limited ability to express love and affection, mostly it seemed because of his own early childhood experiences. What a great teacher this man was, he desperately needed love and healing from me and my family, but his own behavior repulsed rather than attracted.

This rude awakening to brutal reality, provided the impetus that propelled me deeper into the world of metaphysics and meditation that opened me to many precious hours in the bliss state. It was during this time that a deeper understanding of Astrology beckoned and several years of study of different systems and countries broadened my knowledge and experience. I finally began to understand my own purpose and behavior patterns and why I attracted the people and experiences necessary for my chosen path.

My work led to meetings and connections with celebrities and many in the corporate world, for like the rest of us, they too were seeking spiritual truths and greater meaning in our lives.

By now a mother of two children, further catalysts came when I met a wonderful spiritual teacher and mentor. Not long after my marriage finally broke down, and we separated. This was followed by relocation to America for a job and then divorce. The difficulties, the pain and the joy, brought me to a far greater awareness of my own true purpose and life work.

Soon after my arrival in America, I was offered the opportunity to work on radio and at “Mind, Body, Spirit” events, which led to international opportunities. I met my future husband and worked constantly to perfect my craft and expand my knowledge and experience.

Probably the biggest and most difficult catalyst of my life to date, was the early death of my father, but the experience opened me to new and greater levels of my work. His early teaching helped me adjust to a new way of relating on the spiritual level. I spent time in Hawaii and toured Australia and New Zealand, learning and sharing knowledge and profound experiences.

I found I could be most helpful to those who had lost or were about to lose loved ones. The learning curve was tough, but in hindsight, it was probably the best time of my life. I was open and extremely tuned in to the land and the people and worked for the first time with Chiron patterns. Finding yet another key to self-healing and ways to help others heal, was very rewarding work.

Today, with the incredible developments of Internet technology and blog radio, I am pleased to offer my services globally to all Taurusan Personalities.
You may ask, why did Astrology become such an important part of my work, why was this worth years of study, for someone with natural intuition?

What I discovered through Astrology was how to understand energy patterns and the significance of timing, the synchronicity, the convergence and culmination of events. The Universe has no calendar, no clock, like Salvador Dali’s’ painting “concepts in time”, it is merely our perception, yet the movement of planets and asteroids in the heavens, are measured by degree, minute and second. This mathematical process, allows us to chart the sky map on the day and time of a human birth and the subsequent movements and aspects throughout the life span.

Just as we can time Sunrise and Sunset, new Moon and full Moon cycles and the ocean tides, we can calculate high and low energy tides in our own lives.

I learned that understanding the planetary cycles; the essential energy of each planet, sign and house is key to recognizing the early circumstances in individual life, the challenges, the awesome potential and the purpose in the current life cycle of the soul journey.

Deeper insights, sensory perceptions and psychic impression where enhanced within the framework of Astrological cycles and phases of life experience. After years of chart reviews and case studies, it became apparent that our ability to time critical events and periods in a life, with high levels of accuracy was possible and credible. Not so much for specific mundane details, but to describe the type of energy being expressed by planetary symbolism and aspects and manifesting as revealed by the birth chart and cycles.

Armed with the ability to unravel our intricate patterns and psychological layers and see the type of life experiences we can expect to attract by cycle and analyze the meaning and outcomes through past events, we can better understand the journey as a whole and our future potential.

We can now begin to understand our basic “Taurus” modus operandi, our way of gathering energy and our self-destructive patterns that can lead to spiritual dis-ease, resulting in physical illness. We can recognize the needs not met in our formative years, the cause of our repeated behavior that destroys every attempt at relationship and intimacy with others. Now we can understand why we constantly move house, lose our jobs, or end up broke, even rich, but miserable. The good news is, once we can see our pattern, if we don’t like what we attract, we have the tools to change it, any time we want.

Once we recognize our patterns, in regard to our relationship to ourselves, others, our money, our beliefs, the planet and the universe, we can become our own catalyst for change. With greater knowledge about the timing and cycles of increase and decrease in our life circumstances, the times of culmination and new beginnings, we can prepare and better understand our experiences and become a better master of our own ship, less likely to be tossed about like a cork on water. We can then exercise free will in harmony with what we call fate or destiny.

If you need help and have the courage to learn more about your life purpose are ready to take personal responsibility for your life experiences and are prepared for change, you can become your own catalyst, just ask Cassandra.
Signed Cassandra Brant
Cassandra Brant
Catalyst for Taurus’s Change
Astrologer @TaurusBirthday

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