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This month energies tend to slow you down, making you realistic about your abilities and expectations for success. Your nature will most likely be very stoical now, as you take a stern attitude to just about all aspects of your life. This is an excellent time to sit down by yourself and get many things accomplished.

You are in an eccentric period in your life in which you may be seduced by radical ideas or alternate truths. Follow the beat of a new drummer only if your heart agrees it is the right thing for you.

You are a harbinger the end of an era of human existence. You are acutely aware of the colossal forces of nature and time that are sweeping your generation away. But take heart that what is decent from your generation will be preserved.

Interactions with the opposite sex on the professional level may occur a great deal during this transit.

With emotion and beauty neighboring you, personal and romantic feelings could interfere greatly with your ability to work well. However, this transit usually brings about good conditions and communication among co-workers, particularly with the opposite sex.

The home and family spotlight marks a time when you benefit from good relations with family members and the financial position may improve because of your association with a relative. This could also be a time of inheritance. However, you may experience a loss of financial stature because of a relative, especially if you are supporting them monetarily.

You are filled with an intense craving to be with friends and have a good time. Engaging in any type of social activity should bring favorable results.

This is also a great time just to get to know a colleague better you impart deep feelings and sympathies for others today. Like you have E.S.P. your instinctively understand what's bothering a companion or family member.

This is a time that will be both pleasant and fun. Doing just about anything with friends or family will bring much joy. Don't be afraid to elicit the help of others for any problem you have during this transit.

If you take the instant to appreciate and form realistic expectations of others makes this time most agreeable. Also, there may be strong desires to break the chains, which you feel constrict you in your personal relationships now.

Your desire to expand past your “safe” front door renews and invigorates love relationships. If you are currently uninvolved, you may get together, and link up with a new love interest under this cupid like transit.

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TAURUS BIRTHDAY ~ Free Astrology Report and Forecast for Taurus

This marks a time when you ought to enjoy great success and attention through your profession. Being in the "spotlight" is familiar to you during this transit and you should realize that it is a respectable time to be humble and see where work can best help others.

You perform well at work displaying a desire to be recognized by co-workers for hard work. There is a possibility that during this transit work as a whole will come under scrutiny and you definitely need to sense security in the professional realm of life.

This marks a time when you are apt to spend a great deal of time communicating with co-workers and people outside of work.

It's also a good time to think seriously about your career or work up to now and "take stock of it". Additionally, you may find it propitious to voice new ideas to others in hopes of "winning them over".

Energies indicate a time when you look to the social setting to improve your professional standing. You should take note not to be obsequious to superiors but rely on natural abilities to succeed.

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